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The KNOW&POL research project 
In the 5 year long research project, twelve research groups examine the education and health sectors in eight countries. (The international website of the project)
The Hungarian education research team

  Ivan Bajomi, team leader (Curriculum Vitae)

  Eszter Berényi, emerging researcher (Curriculum Vitae)

  Eszter Neumann, emerging researcher (Curriculum Vitae

  Julia Vida, emerging researcher (Curriculum Vitae)

  and Veronika Szabó and Katalin Tóth.

The website of the Hungarian health team

Research reports
Bajomi, I. Berényi E. és Neumann E. (2008): The social and cognitive mapping of policy: the education sector in Hungary, February, 2008. 
Bajomi, I. Berényi E., Neumann E. és Vida J. (2009) The Reception of PISA in Hungary, April, 2009. 
Bajomi, I. Berényi E., Neumann E. és Vida J. (2009) Governing autonomy: from curricular policies to quality assurance and student assessments, September, 2009.  
Bajomi és tsai (2010) Knowledge and Policy: an inseparable couple, integrative report, August, 2010.
Tóth, K, Szabó V., Bajomi I., Berényi E., Neumann E. és Vida J. (2010) The intertwining of Knowledge and Politics in the Policy Connected to Teachers' In-service Training, September, 2010. 
Neumann Eszter, Bajomi Iván és Berényi Eszter: The Politics of Seating Plans: Knowledge and Policy int he Integrated Education Public Action, Hungary 2002-2010, October, 2010. 
Bajomi I. (2010), A közpolitka-barkácsolás szereplői és színterei [The Actors and Scenes of Policy-making], Educatio, 4, 589-600.
Berényi E. (2010), A mérési iskoláktól az iskolák megméréséig: az Országos Kompetenciamérés kialakulása és alakváltozásai (From schools of mesurement to the mesurement of schools – The creation and development of the Hungarian National Assessment of Basic Competencies), Educatio, 4, 601-613.
Berényi E. és Neumann E. (2009) Grappling with PISA, Reception and translation in the Hungarian policy discourse, Sisifo Educational Sciences Journal, 2009/12. Portugálul is megjelent.  
Neumann E. (2010) Az Oktatás és Gyermekesély Kerekasztal: ki miben tudós… (A Round Table for Education and Child Opportunities : who know what? - The meeting of expert knowledges on an arena of the policy making) Educatio, 2010/4.

Bajomi I. (2011) Comment expliquer l'absence d'un consensus minimal concernant la scolarisation en Hongrie. Educação, Sociedade & Culturas, No. 34. pp. 51-66.

Neumann E. (2011) Negotiating Power: interviews with the policy elite, European Education Research Journal, Vol. 10. No. 2.

Neumann E.,  Kiss A. and Fejes I. (2012) The Hard Work of Interpretation: the National Politics of PISA Reception in Hungary and Romania”, European Education Research Journal, 2012, 11 (2).

1. dissemination seminar (November 21. 2008)
In the first seminar, the Hungarian teams presented the theoretical background of the research and the first results of the research (the social and cognitive mapping of the Hungarian education and health sector). 
2. dissemination seminar (February 26. 2010)
The 2nd seminar focused on the case studies carried out in the framework of the project and on the analysis of knowledge-based regulatory instruments.
Final conference (October 20. 2011)
In the final conference, the presentations offered analytical concepts for the following discussion on the dynamical relation of knowledge and policy and the possible interpretations of public policy reform processes. 
Other conference participation


 Contact: Ivan Bajomi ibajomiatfreemail.hu
 The project is funded by the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research – socio-economic sciences and humanities theme (contract no. 028848-2 – project    KNOWandPOL). 

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